Head Same Remains The Same Volume 5 CD

Head Same Remains The Same Volume 5 CD

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The 5th release from Headchange Records compilation series Head Same Remains The Same.

Track List:

1) More Rancho Bernardo Than You Are (2 Tone Mix) by Shave

2) Dead Centa (All In Mix) by Elderly Rock Opera

3) Fate (Fatalle Version) by Number 2

4) Flailin' For Change, Failin' McSame (GOP 2012 Mix) by Elder D

5) More Than Just Well (Just As Well Version) by Karl?

6) Moneyback (Acoustic Payback Mix) by Eric Warren

7) The Perks (HSRC Version) by Shave

8) Freelance Insurance Investigator (Traficantes Del Norte Version) by E Squared

9) America The Corporation (Big Bonus Mix) by Elder D

10) Crura (No Lo Conozco Mix) by Karl?

11) Jesus Juice (Persnickety Mix) by Number 2

12) Jealous (Jolly Walker Solo Version) by Eric Warren

13) Be Careful Of My Glasses (Tres Viejos Version) by Cornblaster

14) 668 (Blood of Thanksgiving Mix) by Elderly Rock Opera

15) Motor City Madman (M-16 Mix) by Elder D

16) Smokin' Bowls & Drinkin' Coffee (2 Chords & The Spoof Mix) by Shave

17) Could You Be Ringo? (Los Ringos de Long Beach Version) by Sixteenth Cherokee

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