Points on the Master - Gandalf Smokes Pipeweed (single version)

Points on the Master - Gandalf Smokes Pipeweed (single version)

  • 30000

Own points on this new release by Elder D and The Pre Exstatic Joy Disorder

Gandalf Smokes Pipeweed is a fan favorite. Get in on the ground floor. We have recorded basic tracks with Lucas Aprano on drums, Carey Alto Soprano on bass, and Elder D on guitar and Vocals. Overdubs are complete and song is ready to mix. Release date for this single version is early Summer 2024

Recording in video on this listing is rough mix with different drummer. Contact for current mix.

Points on the Master - Headchange Song Shares

Invest in Headchange Records recording artists and own up to 10% of master recordings.

Headchange Song Shares is a way to support art and music at a time when it is very difficult to make money as a recording artist. Master recordings are the most valuable commodity of the record industry. Every time you hear a song in a movie, radio, streaming, etc, it is the owner of the master recording of that track that gets paid for licensing / synch / streaming.  In most cases, it is the major record labels that own the masters, as they front the money to record, release, and (hopefully) promote the music.  Headchange Records owns their masters and we are offering a chance to buy in with Headchange Song Shares. We pay out all revenue earned by every master recording according to points owned. So, if you own 10% of a master recording that makes a $30000 licensing fee, you will receive $3000. If you invest in a major hit, who knows how much?  (This is an investment and all of your money is potentially at risk.)

You will receive a contract in the mail signed by the Owner of the Master (usually the main songwriter) indicating your stake in the shares of that master. All owners will be informed annually of payment thresholds, and royalty payment schedules, along with current balance on the master recording they own. 

As low budget musicians, we can't always pay the musicians to record their parts (we try to flow some cash though). We can't afford engineers, mixers, producers, recording facilities, etc. Our business model gives points to all of these players as payment for their work. The owner of the master (usually the songwriter / band) owns the majority of points and retains full control of the master and decisions for its use. 

Please note: Headchange Song Shares ownership applies to the master recording only (the Sound Recording Copyright). The writer of the music / lyrics retains complete ownership of Song Composer Copyright, publishing and performance and related royalties.

For more information, or to see the contract, please email

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