Shave - Trans Universal Worldwide CD

Shave - Trans Universal Worldwide CD

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Second album from Shave of Long Beach California.

Track List:

1) Icky Soda

2) Innocent By-product of the Media

3) Rival Bowler

4) New York, LA

5) Eight Ladies, Early 90's

6)  One Idea

7) High Times

8) Mr. Politician

9) Headchange Records

10) Freeman Street

11) Handle The Messiah

12) Full Commercial Xxxmas

13) Rival Bowler (Radio Edit)

14) One Idea (Radio Edit)

15) High Times (Radio Edit)

16) New York, LA (Radio Edit)


Shave's 2nd cd cuts loose in this heavy rocking follow up
to their 1st cd, the cult classic "Jesus Shaves."
In 2004 $HAVE of Long Beach released Trans Universal Worldwide
The CD went to #1 on college radio.
It was in the top 20 on dozens of stations.

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