Headchange Econo Plaid Wool Blend 6 Panel Ivy Cap

  • 2495

Headchange Econo Plaid Wool Blend 6 Panel Ivy Cap Duck Bill Scally Newsboy Hat

2 1/2" Fully Sewn Duckbill - Fully Lined with Soft Plaid Flannel (Colors Vary)

Heavy Gauge Wool Blend To Keep You Warm (50% Wool - 50% Polyester) 

Headchange Moveable Logo Pin (Can be moved or removed if desired)

Headchange Econo is a lower cost, imported version of our world famous Headchange hats. These caps are selected to meet the exceptional quality and style standards of our popular Made in USA hats. We offer Headchange Econo because we know not everyone wants to spend the extra money needed to support Made in USA products, and we think it is important to provide a premium product to our customers who prefer less costly imported items. They come with Headchange moveable logo pins and a full satisfaction / money back guarantee.

Sizing Note:  The label in the hat will read S/M or L/XL, which is not a true hat size. We check every hat for size and list them according to the actual measurements (which can be found on our Sizing Chart in the listing photos) in an effort to get the buyer their preferred fit. .
For instance, a hat marked L/XL can be 7 1/4, 7 3/8, 7 1/2, 7 5/8, or 7 3/4. S/M can be 6 7/8, 7, or 7 1/8.
Please check the Sizing Chart if you are unsure of your hat size.

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